Sunday, March 27, 2011

more cat drama...

i am not so happy this morning, first off i dont know where my period is and last night at a bigger gathering of the social group, i saw my mate with a woman with here and him in very sexual position.  something about it made not confront this. in fact i turned my back on it. i went outside and told a young lesbo about it to get it out. she is young so she spoke up right away, i never seen blab blab. i have heard this before.   i  didn't want any sort of anything.  i would say i was being friendly with hugs and pecks with many yet in a messed up way. yet i didn't  have any male members near my crotch.  in the car i was wasted and he spoke how he would never and something about the attractive womans looks.  a retroactive response in my mind. these things happen and the woman has ruined some fools life or the fool went off the deep end. from in Oprah i trust on day tv minds men and marriage.  i have always known he is sly and lies. in the most honest way, i am stuck and feel ripped off.  recently i been think of value in inexpensive and expensive with behavior and looks.  i am so tired of the cheap way, it makes me feel anger  and be anxious.  then i am distracted by grief with the what if i learn Italiano with him will it be okay.


  1. That's weird, I was late for my period too and it confused me. We're still on the same cycle, I guess!

    I was in a similar situation with one of my old boyfriends and I didn't do anything but get really quiet. I was with my best friend, though, and he got really mad, so he said, "hey, do you mind if I take your girlfriend home?" These days I don't know, I probably would have lost my temper and embarrassed myself and everybody. It hurts when a mate acts like that.

  2. wow. i think sometimes he wants be to get all aggressive and say something. i can not for i hate that type of public behavior, yet i have done overwhelming with anger on basic ego way. uneasy feelings triggers are like pms. i felt fat, i was wearing sweats- physical, mental-confused, and spiritually- disappointed again.