Monday, November 22, 2010

i mean war

yesterday i was so angry at the mate who went out if his way to ruin my garden. yesterday raining and wet, the county was soaked. he decided to ge up on the roof to cut and clean the roof off wo he can put up the Christmas lights.  in my life his work has over ridden and ruined mine. i used ot think nicely of it. then some one said if you feel so strongly about get the evidence for the ones who run in toxic waste and think their ego is the best. do not not see the error of their ways. sadly this is Major skewed. also in my regrowth of taking control of things - there are so man things i should have said - oh i was being abused and now i suffer from the esteem that is low with is controlling nature on destruction.  i use to even say on i guess it  isn't important. or this or that. i don't know why or i do know why and it sucks. yet i do know i hate hearing his crap abut things like how he took everything he took out of the green re-cut and got all of it in the container- which was not true he had to use another container. i know it is only a tree and garden yet.. come on who cuts wood with an electric saw, leaves it all hooked up and decide to power blast  the roof off on a day already raring and wet saturated and make a mud in my garden in growth. he also showed unmeritorious working skills and self disregard, which i thought after i took these photos bc i was going panic attack or i was going to do something rash.  the work skills he presented sucked and were nonconsecutive to me and the garden and himself.  he even asked why i was taking photos... i said you dont think it is dangerous to be up on roof while it is rain with water with the cord on the ground still plugged in? i told i was compelled to to do it.  i am hoping some where in his vacancy in his head thought an inkling maybe this is wrong. hec i have been pulled over by a lady and took out a tangerine tree.   with those words i have heard only only word critical formed about my work skills and problems like the spilling of fly poison bags and some other crap about my skills of storage or the saw. which turned out to be 20 questions about the tree stump i removed and didn't get any help from him.  i was storing it in the trunk of my car since - it was left in the patio. which now i cant find or the damn extension cord i ended up giving up to him because he has cord core issues.
the oboe photos is of the view from the entrance and the amount of water which has bogged now some planted areas. the other is him on the roof with disregard of the weather and environment or me.