Tuesday, August 21, 2012

i want to holler... the town is too small.  it is messed up. i am feeling anxiety for the truth you get when you face the truth,.  sure enough, it sucks in the immortal words of Suck it sucking hard, i rather run and hide.  this motor home is overwhelming right now, i  do love winnie the warrior the tr- transgender - y-annie bus with 5 guys,  the one main fear i have unrealized - i am just having hints of  the ball slammers being horn dogs with no dog or wont do the dog. they are talking a big ass game.  i am feeling left out - basically the old men's school of nasty talking tastily scantly clad females home to winnie. and, they have a stripper pole.   all the voices in your mind start rolling around and all you think is another round of bullshit.

where are we going? we are going to burning man and that is why we pooled the resources together and bought a rec vehicle together.  i hate contradicting myself or eating crow.  the thing so far is money pit and in a business sense, i dont what names the put on the title.  before 3 weeks ago, i was going in my white trash trailer and tenting it - really doing radical self realization and reliance that was my disposition. now it feels like a competition for power - the power is electrical and there 3 engineers, 1 salesman and1 banker on the bus with me.  my poor libido is not happy again.  i have feeling they aint no gentlemen either.  they left the beer bottles by the work zone.   

Monday, August 20, 2012


i am so sick of the men who i own a motor home with... every time i hear them they are talking - it is about women. i am feeling overwhelmed by it all.