Thursday, May 16, 2013


there is always one thing that gets me = motha fucker be trippin- besides the lot.  what  is the big difference between- not tolerating some one breaking the law - to how people will tolerate lies or silence.  it is funny, with the new adage i hear for growth is transparency- there isnt much if you don't write. i could write a million lines and i have heard them ALL.   i suppose or assumed they do too, for we all be spoon raised by love god and country in schools and have some college. some might say i am well educated too- and some hide their pain in there heart for no one to see. there is equality respectfully and then there is control with  dont judge until you walk in my shoes or until you experience that - you have no clue.  i do find it insulting and exclusive, and whine overly about dignity and vanity. people work when it suits them, people love when it suits them, people are loyal when it suits them and people kill when it suits them, so dont go wasting any time making people love you and please dont fuck around with my dog. what i got is what i got which is love. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

rant vent bitch!

I am feeling pissy and reactive.  I am having an event on Saturday and now there are so many events  on that day some people , sadly my people i perceived as true friend that i would be loyal to death with>  behaving like a losers in my mind for being a party jumpers ala extrovert always revving the better party with the better socio social...." oh i am extrovert - i have to juggle my responsibilities and parties now"  oh well, fuck you very much, ye with no memory - i think on Saturday who ever shows up on Saturday is now my new best friends and screw you.  i dont what this tantrum is called projection or reflection or slander...  this is exactly why i am introvert, it is exhausting to keep up for you when i could be in the field of dreams.

Monday, March 4, 2013

 Every first Thursday of every month - Drunko bunco where i must reap a beating and major win.  last time i missed for 2 bitches in the group are really bitches and snotty in the closet lesbians and parade around as best friend and travel companions, this ladies are angry with me for - the a couple months ago- one of them said something about have a three way with one their best friends in her drunken stupor.... and in my drunken superior stupor, i said interesting - and told them really didn't need a man... ugh. then one the ladies' cat attacked me and broke skin. this cat is an aggressive cat 25 fat male cat who swipes at every one who walks by.  i got hit by the cat claws and it pierced my skin. the lesbos said  -i must stepped on his tail. since then i have been getting the major cold shoulder or fuck you. these 2 - are in better-standing in this group as the ones who win all the time.  i  am the one who wants to keep record of the wins of the group to see. i am feeling anxious for this match down and dont know how i should behave when since i kind want to be verbally abusive to them in major personality disorder way.