Thursday, May 16, 2013


there is always one thing that gets me = motha fucker be trippin- besides the lot.  what  is the big difference between- not tolerating some one breaking the law - to how people will tolerate lies or silence.  it is funny, with the new adage i hear for growth is transparency- there isnt much if you don't write. i could write a million lines and i have heard them ALL.   i suppose or assumed they do too, for we all be spoon raised by love god and country in schools and have some college. some might say i am well educated too- and some hide their pain in there heart for no one to see. there is equality respectfully and then there is control with  dont judge until you walk in my shoes or until you experience that - you have no clue.  i do find it insulting and exclusive, and whine overly about dignity and vanity. people work when it suits them, people love when it suits them, people are loyal when it suits them and people kill when it suits them, so dont go wasting any time making people love you and please dont fuck around with my dog. what i got is what i got which is love. 

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