Monday, March 4, 2013

 Every first Thursday of every month - Drunko bunco where i must reap a beating and major win.  last time i missed for 2 bitches in the group are really bitches and snotty in the closet lesbians and parade around as best friend and travel companions, this ladies are angry with me for - the a couple months ago- one of them said something about have a three way with one their best friends in her drunken stupor.... and in my drunken superior stupor, i said interesting - and told them really didn't need a man... ugh. then one the ladies' cat attacked me and broke skin. this cat is an aggressive cat 25 fat male cat who swipes at every one who walks by.  i got hit by the cat claws and it pierced my skin. the lesbos said  -i must stepped on his tail. since then i have been getting the major cold shoulder or fuck you. these 2 - are in better-standing in this group as the ones who win all the time.  i  am the one who wants to keep record of the wins of the group to see. i am feeling anxious for this match down and dont know how i should behave when since i kind want to be verbally abusive to them in major personality disorder way.

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