Sunday, March 13, 2011


here is an idea- do the evaluational- a city that's population say was 500,000. now through horrible times is 200,000. modern day example- Detroit.
what do you do with all the land / homes... 2 out of 5 houses are empty. what do you do?  relocate the peeps to somewhere else that is closer to the infrastructures like public good services and travel - bike, bus,  trains food markets, schools, university.  etc...  people dont want to leave there homes and many people as we saw in Katrina do not have the means to move to better.
yesterday, i had good day for my brain. sometimes i do miss thinking. and figure out stuff - yet everything is cluttered and sometimes i dont relate and find myself running off with younger minded or trouble makers. some of the path is disciplines replaces routine. i know i need more control for success yet there are brats among guess.  later when is that?  why do we hang on to the old stuff with false hope?

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