Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's message

Today, I am going to a counselor for coping skills. I already went and I was late and missed the appointment. I still went hoping on the lateness was not so late. It was. i felt bad then they gave me a huge questionnaire to answer. so far the stupid questionable sucks. I stopped after 3 pages, I was overwhelmed and certain I am classic nut job. crap.  i came home contently stuffed the pages away and now i am like - where are those conditioned of mental disease diagnosis pages? what a good loser i am. 
i am tired of losing and staying home all the time being a lazy lay about. i am tired of being that stupid woman who is pushing 50 and so tired of the crap I have i endured  so we could have it all. the could are moving on and i am not so happy most of the time. 

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