Friday, February 24, 2012

update from the of jaja land

recently he has been so horrible.  i feel horrible mainly because he is horrible.    sure we both are horrible.  his mother went to hospital and he avoided seeing her. - then i told he he i was really worried for his spiritual health and felt so much guilt.  he said he felt pure hate.  then after this he changed his fricking face book picture / my sister in law which- we had a huge following out on due to blogs etc. of her kissing him. then he i said something about it and he said oh... wha??? i thought that was you in is a big scroll of photos of me blah blah blah... i hate the he said she said thing .. i am fricking livid and hurt., for his mother was close to death and my was a demon. i am mother and that is horrible. to see and think what has become. more to come.  i am in tears. the battles of ignorance is constant for me.  i so need a break from that horribleness.  it is horrible.    

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